She Looks So Perfect 5 Seconds Of Summer Universal

She Looks So Perfect was released in 2014 by 5 Seconds Of Summer on the Universal Label. It's is a Alternative track. Want to watch or listen to more music from 5 Seconds Of Summer? Click the link below for more great videos and songs from this artist.

5 Seconds Of Summer Biography:
<p><strong>5 Seconds of Summer</strong> are a party of men banding together to adventure across the lands, playing and striking foes with their powerful and divine rock. They fight the fiercest of foes, from music critics to internet haters. None shall stand in their way.</p><p><strong>Calum </strong>gave up football to do music 24/7. Slapping the bass is one of his most favourite things to do. He thinks many people are confused that he is the only non-blonde, non-white person in the band, leading them to think that he is the band rapper. He is very ruggedly handsome.</p><p><strong>Luke</strong> is the youngest in the band and was actually Tom DeLonge in his past life&hellip;even though Tom DeLonge is still alive.</p><p><strong>Ashton</strong>&rsquo;s music taste resembles that of a 40 year-old metalhead and he wields sticks crafted by the gods of rock while playing drums with his three best mates.</p><p><strong>Michael</strong>&rsquo;s guitar skills are fueled by cheeseburgers (no pickles, no onion) made from pure awesomeness. He also enjoys long walks on the beach.</p><p>&quot;I don&#39;t even remember writing <strong>out of my limit to</strong> be honest, it just kinda happened. It&#39;s about not being noticed. When you see a girl, and she&#39;s like a 10, and you are a 6 and a half (or maybe even a 5) and you spend all this time trying to get them to see who you are, doing all this stuff, and they still have no idea you exist. Then you eventually go, hey, I&#39;ve spent all this time on someone who won&#39;t even realise it, you don&#39;t want to be the person hanging around chasing them for nothing. &quot; <strong>Calum</strong></p><p></p><p align="center"><strong> </strong></p><p align="center"><strong></strong></p>

5 Seconds Of Summer

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