Lose Yourself to Dance Daft Punk Sony

Lose Yourself to Dance was released in 2013 by Daft Punk on the Sony Label. It's is a Dance track.

Daft Punk Biography:
Guy-Manuel de Homem Christo (b. 8 February 1974) met Thomas Bangalter (b. 3 January 1975) when they both attended school in Paris, France, in 1987. In 1992, heavily influenced by the Beach Boys, they recorded a song under the name Darling, which in turn found its way onto a compilation single issued on Stereolab 's Duophonic label. A review in the UK's Melody Maker described their effort as 'a bunch of daft punk', which depressed the pair but unwittingly gave them a name for their next project. Fast forward to 2007... Bercy, Paris, June 14 2007: Daft Punk play Paris for the first time in 10 years. As you'd expect, it's a special and spacey day for the band as much as for the fans who've come to savor one of the helmeted duo's rare public outings. The stage is dominated by a giant pyramid light that has lit up the band's concerts throughout a tour that kicked off in May 2006 at California's Coachella Festival and will draw to a close in late 2007 in Australia, somewhere they have never previously played. The tone is set from the off, with the first bars of the show-opening Robot Rock matched beat for beat by the pulse of the strobe lights. Daft Punk on stage is more than a concert: combining image and sound, it's a full-on experience that lies halfway between reality and fiction. From beneath their giant fluorescent triangle Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo - clad in their futuristic Hedi Slimane-designed overalls - pump out track after track tracing Daft Punk's odyssey, shockingly now and future-perfect, telling us a story that we read with our eyes and our ears. In little more than an hour we're treated to the cream of the band's three albums, HOMEWORK (1997), DISCOVERY (2001) and HUMAN AFTER ALL (2005), stretched, compressed and interwoven with astonishing grace and modernity. Proving once again, were any proof needed, that Daft Punk, as creators of reliably visionary albums, are tireless in their quest to stay light years ahead of the game. As the tracks keep coming - from Around the world to Da Funk, from One More Time to Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - an entire universe is gradually built up, a universe that harnesses every available technological opportunity to enrapture its audience. The scene at Bercy is no different from any other venue the band has played around the world: people are jumping about all over the place, hands in the air as they are carried away on a cloud of pure joy, a fusion of music and light, mystery and magic. An hour or so of non-stop dancing has turned Bercy into a virtual disco full of tired and happy party people who allow Daft Punk to leave the stage for a few minutes before promptly calling them back for an unusual and beautiful ceremony: thousands of mobile telephones are turned on and raised in the air in an unequivocal demand for the prolific pair to return to their fluorescent pyramid, setting in motion an unforgettable encore from the duo, glowing in red luminous overalls that wouldn't be out of place in Tron. The swarming specks of light fuse together in an instant that is almost unreal, offering themselves up to Daft Punk as symbols of a unique event and a pleasure shared. It's a pleasure that works on many levels - physical, technological and mental - and it's shared between the artists, who have spent the past ten years choosing to make music without making their physical presence felt, and their fans, happy to finally get the chance to see them in the flesh. The spirit of this happy event is exactly what ALIVE 2007 - the band's second live album after the first one recorded in Birmingham in 1997 - aims to capture: to be relived or encountered for the first time. Daft Punk's amazing Live Show to be released on CD on November 19th 2007. The 'ALIVE 2007' set will be available as a single CD edition, plus a two-disc case bound book featuring the show's encore, "Harder Better Faster Stronger (Live)" video and about 50 pages of pictures taken during the shows. The live version of "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" will also be issued as a single, along with a video, directed by Oliver Gondry that will feature footage shot by fans at the tour closer in Brooklyn on August 9 2007. "It is a montage of people shooting the song in the audience with 250 cameras," Daft Punk's Thomas Bangalter says. "We were inspired by the Beastie Boys' 'Awesome, I F***in' Shot That!' and tried to do that in a four-minute video." After such a long hiatus from playing live, the group admits it was blown away by the response to the shows, "We pretty much felt it everywhere, which was fascinating," Bangalter says. "It was a big deal each time. It's a big deal for us each time, too, which is what keeps it fresh." A 2008 interview with Pedro Winter (ex-manager) revealed that the duo have returned to their Paris studio and are working on new material.

Daft Punk

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