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Games of Thrones Star: 'Justin Bieber is King Joffrey'

4 months ago

Sophie Turner, who stars as Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones, has compared Justin Bieber to the shows petulant, murderous teen king Joffrey in a recent interview.

Talking to the UK’s Sunday Times about the upcoming series and her character, Sophie said “She’s relatable to because she’s such a realistic character. I think she’s like young girls today — they read magazines, they look at models, they’ve got social media telling them how to act. That’s who Sansa is. She’s looked at the queen, she’s looked at Margaery Tyrell, and she idolises them. All she wants is to become them. She’s like every 12-year-old girl who wants to be a celebrity — it’s the same adolescence as everyone else, but a few hundred years ago. In an alternative universe. With dragons.”

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When asked about how similar she was to her character, she replied “Well…I’ve been told by other cast members that I’m a lot like her. Maybe when I first joined the show. I was only 13, I was one of those girls that read OK! 12 times a week, and I was all “Ooh, Justin Bieber” — who is the Joffrey Baratheon of our time.”

We really like Sophie, so maybe she just means that, like Joffrey, Justin is the most powerful person in the kingdom and all the girls want to marry him?

The connection is one that has been made before with a Joffrey Bieber tumblr set up last year.



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