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Pete Wentz Regrets Getting His Penis Pierced

Last year

Once upon a time Pete Wentz was the most written about artists on About six years ago he was so popular, everyone had a crush on him. It was a simpler time, before every star had Twitter and one we almost miss.

Then he got married and had a kid and got divorced, and focused more on making music with Fall Out Boy. He seemed kind of relieved that the teen idol status had gone away.

Well Pete has revealed he once got his penis pierced, so depending on your views that might reignite your crush or kill it for good.

Speaking to Watch What Happens Live, Pete revealed, "Have I ever gotten a piercing below the waist? I've had basically everything pierced in my entire life...

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"I did (have my penis pierced). I was young and dumb and full of wisdom! It's not pierced anymore."

Also back in that long ago, forgotten time, Sidekicks were the coolest phone for a star to own. They actually didn’t really make it to Australia, we were all using our Motorola Razrs. Anyway, Pete’s Sidekick got hacked and his nude photos leaked. So we’ve all seen everything.

Anyway, we like Fall Out Boy’s music a lot. Even better now we know there are no penis piercings in the band (at least we assume so, the other guys haven’t actually admitted to anything).

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