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Top 6 Most Controversial On Set Hook Ups

Last year

Actors often fall in love with each other on set. All those steamy, romantic scenes together, well of course sparks are going to fly!

While there’s nothing unusual about falling for a co-star, it’s kind of a problem when you’ve already got a partner and everyone involved is famous.

These are the most controversial hook ups that totally shook Hollywood.

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6. Leann Rimes and Eddie Cibrian

Married country singer Leann Rimes was watching her childhood singing career fade away from her when she was asked to star in a Lifetime movie. Her co-star? Little known actor Eddie Cibrian, who was married to former model Brandi Glanville and had two kids. Sparks quickly flew, and the paparazzi caught them together on numerous occasions. We then watched it all play out in the tabloids as Brandi got involved, talked crap about Leann and slashed Eddie’s tires. This happened back in 2009, and Leann and Brandi are still feuding about it on Twitter. Brandi now stars on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, while Leann and Eddie got married in 2011.

5. Chad Michael Murray/Sophia Bush/Paris Hilton

You might not recognise two out of three of these names, but Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush starred in One Tree Hill, a teen drama of the mid-2000s. When their characters became a thing so did they, and they got married after two years. Then Chad went off to Queensland to make the movie House Of Wax with Paris Hilton. There were a lot of rumours, and the couple ended up annulling their marriage. But they still had to work together. And kiss each other. Chad quickly started dating Kenzie Dalton, an extra on One Tree Hill. So that’s not awkward. Sophia had a thing for her One Tree Hill co-stars, she ended up dating James Lafferty and later Austin Nichols.

4. Russell Crowe and Meg Ryan

Russell and Meg hooked up on the set of Proof Of Life, despite the fact that she was married to Dennis Quaid and Russell had been with Danielle Spencer for years. The rumour is that Meg was way more into it than Russell was, and she quickly announced that she and Dennis were getting divorced. However Russell chose to stay with Danielle, and they later had two kids.

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3. Billy Crudup and Claire Danes

Almost Famous actor Billy Crudup dated future Weeds star Mary-Louise Parker from 1996 – 2003. They were both low profile stars who you would never expect any drama from. Until Billy made the movie Stage Beauty with Claire Danes. He ditched Mary, who just happened to be seven months pregnant with their son, and got together with Claire. Yep pregnant. She gave birth two months later. Billy and Claire broke up in 2006.  

2. Robert Pattinson/Nikki Reed/Kristen Stewart/Rupert Sanders

When the very first Twilight movie was being filmed, Robert Pattinson was linked to Nikki Reed, who played his vampire sister Rose. Nikki considered Kristen her best friend. By the time the second film rolled around, everyone started to suspect that Kristen and Rob were a thing, and Nikki was quickly forgotten about. She has made it clear that she is not friends with Kristen anymore, leading us to think that there may have been some relationship cross over.

Well things took another turn when Kristen cheated on Rob with her Snow White director Rupert Sanders. We’ve all seen the photos, and we know that Kristen and Rob broke up, but got back together just in time to promote the final film. In the end they broke up for good in mid-2013.

1. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

But of course the most memorable, controversial and still talked about on-set romance is Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who found love while making Mr & Mrs Smith. Only problem was that Brad was still married to Jennifer Aniston. This is still talked about today, and no one will ever get over this crazy love triangle. Jennifer is now engaged to Justin Theroux, while Brad and Ange have 6 children.

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