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Miley Cyrus Strikes Up Twitter Friendship With Lawson's Andy Brown

Last year

According to new (possibly bogus) reports Miley Cyrus has found herself a new online flirt buddy in none other than Lawson’s Andy Brown!

The Lawson frontman is known for his high profile relationships in the UK - enjoying a longterm relationship with The Saturday's Mollie King and a fling with Made In Chelsea's Caggie Dunlop.

And now apparently Miley is a fan with claims that their online flirtation started back in January when Lawson flew to America to play a string of sold-out gigs.

Soon after the band’s New York show at The Bowery Ballroom, Miley, 20, began following Andy on Twitter.

According to The Mirror the direct messaging then started!

A source claims, “Andy was excited when ­Miley began following him on Twitter. He’s a ladies’ man and big flirt and couldn’t ­believe he’d ­attracted the attention of someone like Miley. He’s made no secret of the fact he finds her ­attractive and she’s his ultimate ­celebrity crush.”

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Apparently the friendship was blossoming until Andy, 25 sent Miley an early hours message last week when he was in Los Angeles, which wasn't mean for public eyes.

The tweet read “Miley you comin!? X" and according to rumours, Andy sent it while in his room at the Grafton Hotel in LA.

The Mirror have pointed out the hotel's bar actually closed an hour before the message was sent- pointing out that they weren’t meeting.

A ­Lawson spokesman has played down the incident to the paper, saying, “They’ve been ­partying in the week. Lawson are out there ­filming a video and Miley is a fan of the band.”

Andy has since deleted all evidence of the message and there's no sign of any online flirting on Miley's account.

Hrm. Do you buy this story?



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