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Ed Sheeran Is Not Dating Taylor Swift - Confirmed

2 years ago

Ed Sheeran has found himself at the centre of some insane media attention, thanks to his association with Taylor Swift. The entire world seems to be trying to claim that they are dating – but Ed told us that is not true.  

We were lucky enough to have Ed in our Melbourne studio, and he was more than happy to tell us stories about pretty much anything we asked. Seriously. Anything.

So of course, we asked him about those rumours and the insane tabloid attention he has been getting, all thanks to his association with Miss Taylor Swift.

Ed Sheeran Draws All Over Photos Of Himself And Harry Styles

So is he dating Taylor? No he is not – but he thinks it’s pretty funny that everyone believes he is.

“I think the fact that people are believing I could date Taylor Swift quite impresses me. It’s kind of like yeah I’m one of them,” Ed told

“It’s not true, but the fact that people can believe it, it makes me seem like a bit of a stud which is not necessarily true.”

Ed did an acoustic of Small Bump for us - watch it here!

The media attention has been pretty crazy, but Ed recently took to Twitter to tweet a denial to all the stories, calling them “bollocks”.

“I’ve never been properly like tabloid fodder before, ever. Like no one’s ever cared about me in that way, which is good,” Ed told

“So I’ve never been that kind of guy and then suddenly within the last two weeks I am. You’ll catch like the first story and it will be in The Sun and there will only be one on the internet and you’ll be like ‘well that’s not true’. But then everyone else picks up on it and then there’s like fifty stories and they all kind of change it a little bit.

“So I think Twitter is a very powerful thing now. The Sun’s readership is about three or four million, and my Twitter followers are 5.6 million. So if there is something untrue I can just say it’s not true, and everyone that I need to see it sees it.”

And for those who want to know what Ed is really like – he is the nicest, funniest, most genuinely lovely guy. He is everything that you imagine and more.

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