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Mila Kunis Takes Part In The Funniest And Most Awkward Interview Ever

Last year

Mila Kunis has taken part in the best, funniest and most awkward interview of all time – and she loved every minute of it.

Chris Stark from BBC 1 sat down with Mila in the UK for a chat about her new movie Oz The Great And Powerful, and to say he was unprepared would be an understatement.

Chris opened the interview by telling Mila he’d never done this before, and proceeded to ask her what it was like being ugly in the movie. And Mila couldn’t get enough of him

Every time Chris tried to talk about the movie, Mila begged him to keep talking about his life. And he was more than happy to oblige.

We learned all about Chris’ friends, the football team he supports (Watford), the drinks he has on a night out, and plenty more facts about his life.

We also learned that Mila can pour a beer without any foam on the top, she plans to go to Brazil for the World Cup next year and she was on Baywatch twice.

Don’t worry though – towards the end Mila reeled off a whole stack of comments about Oz that she normally gives in these sorts of interviews. So hopefully someone back at the BBC can cut up those grabs and use them.

There is too much amazingness to digest here... so watch the interview below and be amazed.



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