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Maude Garrett Is The New Host Of The Hot Hits

2 years ago

We are so pleased to announce that Maude Garrett is the new host of The Hot Hits!

The self-confessed pop-culture brainiac and video game fanatic will be moving to Los Angeles to host The Hot Hits every Sunday, and she couldn't be more excited about it.

“It’s my dream job!” Maude says. “‘I'm able to completely indulge in my love of pop-culture, from music to movies & gossip! Moving to LA to attend premieres, interview the biggest celebrities and talk about my obsession with video games.... somebody pinch me!"

Maude will be chatting to A-list celebs, checking out the coolest new music, hitting the red carpet and bringing you the absolute latest goss straight from Hollywood.

You’ll get to hear Maude on The Hot Hits for the first time on Sunday 3 February!

The Hot Hits is broadcast across 62 radio stations in Australia including Southern Cross Austereo’s Today Network.

Get To Know Maude!

Top 5 celebs she’d like to interview in LA

1. Ryan Gosling: DO NOT EVEN NEED TO SAY WHY! But have had the serious hots for him since I was 14, and watched him in Young Hercules. Hmmmm.

2. Miley Cyrus: I've interviewed her before and she lets loose. She'll venture into topics that she'd supposedly banned herself! Those chats are always the best.

3. Jennifer Lawrence: She's one of my favourite people at the moment. So down to earth, won't succumb to industry demands (ie weight), seems like she'd be really cool. Plus - I'd geek out about the Hunger Games trilogy hard. And then X-men. So much geek goodness. 

4. Will Ferrell: he's the funniest guy out there. Team him up with Zach Galifianakisand I could die from happiness! 

5. Jason Bateman: to apologise for sniffing his hair when we hugged last time I interviewed him. And then try and hug it off. Just so I could do it again.

The event she’s most looking forward to covering:

Probably the MTV awards - they always seem to be the loosest and craziest. And see if the next Best Kiss award is better than the previous R-Patz/Kristen 'we-kiss-like-we've-never-met' deals. 

Hollywood hot spots that are on her list to visit:

Word is the Chateau Marmont is THE place to do some serious celeb spotting! I'm a big fan of live music, so will be hitting up Whiskey A Go Go & The Viper Room for that!

What will help remind her of home?

SKYPE! That way I'll always be just a window away. All my gaming consoles, lightsabers, picture frames and books are staying in Oz!

TV she can’t wait to see the advance season of:


Things she loves and hates about travelling:

I love travelling!! I can't wait to get a whole lot more done while I'm in the northern hemisphere. But the whole packing thing.... Ugh. It's definitely not my thing. The worst part is everything you take with you, you have to wheel it around, unpack it, then pack it up again! But this is a tiny thing compared to how good travelling is!

Check out Maude's interview with Taylor Swift below!



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