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Are 5 Seconds Of Summer Hanging Out With One Direction In London?

Last year

5 Seconds Of Summer are on the fast track to superstardom – and there’s one famous boy who can’t wait to meet them. Niall Horan. From One Direction.

5SOS are currently in the UK, and so are One Direction. In the past both Niall and Louis have tweeted about our Aussie boys, and once Niall realised that they were in London he decided to do what any smart person would do. He tweeted them to arrange a catch up.

Niall wrote, @5secsofsummer It must be freezing in london for you guys haha! Now that you're up here we should meet up!”

And 5SOS replied, “@NiallOfficial Yeah man that would be sick! We should deffs organise something :):) –“

Michael tweeted on his own account, “@NiallOfficial tweeted us!! holy shit!!”

So we don’t know what they are all doing right now, but there’s no tweeting going on so hopefully they are hanging out right now. In our imagination Niall has brought the rest of 1D along, and they are all recording a song together.

We need photos of this once it finally happens! Maybe some video? We’ll be waiting and obsessively checking all their social media accounts.

Listen to 5 Seconds Of Summer's EP Somewhere New right here!

When we last spoke to 5 Seconds Of Summer, they seemed pretty surprised that One Direction knew who they were, and weren’t too sure if they would get to meet them in London. Have a listen to 5SOS talking about One Direction tweeting them in the playlist below! Sorry iPhone and iPad users - you'll need a computer to listen.

Plus scroll to the bottom for photos of 5SOS in London.

5 Seconds Of Summer with Nick from the Kaiser Chiefs

5SOS with Nick from the Kaiser Chiefs!

5 Seconds Of Summer with Mario



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