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Harry Styles And Taylor Swift's Romantic Sushi Date

2 years ago

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift didn’t just go for a well photographed date in Central Park this week – they also found time for some sushi!

By now we have all cried our eyes out over those photos of Taylor and Harry, and we are slowly coming to terms with the idea that they might be dating. Or at least, they might be pretending to date. But enough of that – we’re going to have to accept that this relationships is real. It’s obviously a fairytale romance.

See the photos right here!

It turns out that in between posing for the cameras (stop it Hot Hits, just stop it, it was definitely not staged) Harry and Taylor also went for a private sushi date.

Haylor were spotted at Bond St. sushi in New York on Sunday night by a source who told all to Celebuzz.

“They came in around 8 p.m. and shared a few rolls together,” an eyewitness told Celebuzz.

“They sat at their own booth and were giggling a lot. Harry looked really happy. She was talking a lot and he was laughing at her stories.”

The source seemed to think that it was a first date, and they didn’t know each other too well. Why could that be? Because they actually don’t know each other?

“It seemed like they were just getting to know each other.”

But it wasn’t just an anonymous source talking about their date. A rep for a restaurant confirmed what they ordered.

“Their order included the tuna tarts, Chilean sea bass, tuna crispy rice, and sesame crusted shrimp rolls,” the rep told Celebuzz.

“She drank Diet Coke and others at the table enjoyed the sweet saketini.”

Others at the table? Others? Why did the first person make it sound like a two person date? Group date? Was Lux there enjoying a bit of sashimi?

Find out what else happened in Central Park

Is this relationship for real?



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