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Kristen Stewart Gave Nikki Reed Dirty Sneakers As A Gift!

2 years ago

Kristen Stewart has revealed that as a farewell gift to castmate Nikki Reed – she gave her a pair of muddy baseball shoes.

But before you scoff at said gift – they were the very same muddy baseball shoes that she wore in the first Twilight film!

Reed, a firm believer in karma, refused to steal anything from the set and only accepted the footwear when Stewart insisted on gifting them to her.

And now she has no idea what to do with them!

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She told WENN, "I believe too much in karma but I should've just stolen something! I mean why not, as far as I know we're not making any more of these movies. The only thing I have is my baseball shoes from the first film and I was too afraid to take them and Kristen went back to do reshoots and she brought them home for me.”

"I've never worn them because they're covered in mud and I think it's wrong to wash the mud off! I can't wear muddy shoes so they live in a box and I don't know what to do with them."

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Meanwhile, Stewart took home her own little mementos from the set – though hers are decidedly more glamorous than Nikki’s!

Stewart revealed, "They were really important to me. Her mother gives her a moon ring in the beginning which fully and completely reminds me of (director) Catherine Hardwicke every time I look at it. I kept the engagement ring too. Those are extremely important to me. I love those rings."

Important and worth A LOT! If you could take any memento from the Twilight films (aside from the cast!) what would you chose?



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