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POLL: Australia's Hottest Boy Band Or Male Band

2 years ago

Is there anything better than a boy band? Australia suddenly has a whole stack of boy bands, and we want to know which one you love most!

Now when the Hot Hits online team were teens, boy bands were not cool. We had boy band overload with 5ive, Backstreet Boys and N’Sync at the end of the 90s, and then there was nothing big until the Jonas Brothers appeared in the late 2000s. In between that time we grew up deprived of boy bands.

But that dark age is over. Now there are boy bands everywhere, including in Australia!

We are already waiting for the angry emails telling us that some of these artists aren’t technically boy bands. We know. But it was the best term we could think of for a group of attractive young males making music together.  If you have a better one, let us know.

Update: despite the disclaimer above, the inclusion of some acts has caused controversy. So the name of this poll is now changed to: Australia's Hottest Group Of Young Men Making Music. Remember, it's just a fun online poll - it's not an election, so voting is not compulsary.

Congratulations to our winners - The Janoskians!



The Janoskians have just released their debut single Set This World On Fire, and things are about to get bigger and bigger for these boys from Melbourne! They rose to fame with their YouTube prank videos, and recently scored a recording contract with Sony. The hysteria surrounding them just gets bigger and bigger every day.

Listen to Set This World On Fire here!

5 seconds of summer

5 Seconds Of Summer

We’re obsessed with 5SOS, and since they play instruments and don’t dance they’re not really a boy band but they are young, male and good looking. So we just couldn’t leave them off the list! They have just signed on as a support act for Hot Chelle Rae’s Australian tour, and we know they are going to get bigger and bigger.

Get some love advice from 5 Seconds Of Summer

At Sunset

At Sunset

This Adelaide trio are making a name for themselves with their YouTube covers and new single This Is Who I Am. They’ve got a huge online following, and they play their own instruments which means they aren’t strictly a boy band – but they’re hot so they’re on the list!

Watch our hilarious interview with At Sunset

Justice Crew 2012

Justice Crew

It feels like Justice Crew are the old men of this category, having hit the scene back in 2010. This year they had a number one single with Boom Boom, and have had more commercial success than the rest of these acts combined. As a dance crew, they’re really stretching the definition of a boy band, but we couldn’t leave these guys off the list!

See what Justice Crew had to say about online dating!

The Collective

The Collective

When we talk about boy bands, these guys are what we mean. Five young hotties, put together by the X Factor judges into a male vocal group. Does life get better than that (for us we mean)? They delivered a tightly choreographed performance during the first live show, and they might just make it all the way.

Watch The Collective’s first live performance

What About Tonight

What About Tonight

WAT are massive online, and they decided that the best way to get discovered was to audition for The X Factor. A bunch of cute teenage boys wearing colourful clothes and singing energetic pop songs. Yep, that sounds like it will work! Are you a Tonighter?

One Direction fall in love with What About Tonight



The smooth smooth voices of Fourtunate have gotten them through to the X Factor live shows. We’re obsessed with their harmonies and their dance moves, and could pretty much watch them all day! We also love their close relationship with each other and with the rest of their families.

The X Factor goes boy band crazy!



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