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Louis Tomlinson Hits Out At Larry Stylinson Rumours On Twitter

2 years ago

One Direction star Louis Tomlinson has lashed out at Twitter users who believe that he and Harry Styles are in a relationship!

Louis tweeted, “Still months on reading ridiculous conspiracy theories.It's upsetting that I have to read them daily.Thank god for the lovely people on here”

This post immediately lead to some Twitter users claiming that One Direction’s management were controlling Louis’ account and blocking fans.

But Louis quickly set the record straight. He tweeted at one user, “people like you reflect so badly on our incredible fan base. Go and waste your time somewhere else.”

And he tweeted at another fan, “incorrect I block people who bad mouth the people I care about !”

But what set Louis off? It was the “Larry Stylinson” rumours – the belief amongst some fans that Louis and Harry are in a secret relationship, and that his relationship with Eleanor Calder is fake.

In response to a fan claiming that One Direction would never deny the “Larry” rumours, Louis tweeted, “Hows this , Larry is the biggest load of bullshit I've ever heard. I'm happy why can't you accept that.”

Acknowledging that things had gone a little crazy on Twitter, Louis tweeted, “Ohh dear I've gone to town today haha. Lots of love to all of you amazing fans !!”

But a few hours later he was back to defend his mum, who had been receiving some abuse in the wake of Lou’s Twitter rant.

In response to one user’s rude tweet Louis wrote, “Can I ask why this is ok? To think someone would speak to my Mum like that sickens me. Grow the fuck up !”

And Louis attempted to convince fans that it really was him tweeting, and not One Direction’s management.

“Just we are all clear the only person who has access to my account is me! :)”

“And now to finish on a good note :) ive clearly flipped on twitter today. I'm sorry to any REAL fan of ours that I've offended.”

“All I've ever wanted to do from day one is please the people who support us. It's hard when people are rude to our families.”

“I love all our true fans so fucking much! That's a promise ! I assure you all I'm always true to myself ! #embarrassingtweet”

The main thing to take away from this whole incident is – Twitter bullying and abuse is never okay. It’s not okay to tweet rude things at someone famous, it’s not okay to abuse the friends and family of that person. It’s also not alright to bully someone who you don’t know, or someone who was tweeted by a famous person, or someone who has a different opinion to you. The girls who initially set off Louis’ Twitter rant have now received abuse and death threats, and this is definitely not okay.

While some might claim it’s all just words on a screen and you can turn your computer off, it is more than that. What happened to model Charlotte Dawson is proof that Twitter abuse isn’t just words on a screen, and bullying can really hurt someone. Find out what happened to Charlotte here.




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