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Justin Bieber And One Direction 'Piss Off' Niall Horan's Neighbours With 3 AM Jam Session!

2 years ago

So far we have had to live off photos and tweets about Justin Bieber and One Direction’s time together – but now we have one of the best stories of all time from their male bonding!

Justin Bieber has revealed that during their late night hang outs the boys recently upset Niall’s neighbours after making a little bit too much noise!

It would seem that although One Direction have confirmed that Justin won’t be collaborating with them on their upcoming album Take Me Home – he doesn’t mind hooking up with the boys for the odd jam session!

Justin landed in the U.K. on Tuesday (11 September) for a whirlwind promotional visit and he wasted no time in hooking up with Niall.

Bieber went over to Horan's home and the pair stayed up until the early hours of the morning playing music together - but the jam session apparently wasn’t appreciated by the other members of the apartment block.

Justin told Britain's Metro newspaper, "We have a great time together. I went over to Niall's house yesterday. Think we p**sed people off a little bit.”

“We were making a little jam session at three in the morning and he lives in this apartment. So there's people underneath him and we were playing really loud and all the sudden we hear 'bang, bang, bang' on the door and this guy shouted, 'Keep it down'. It was crazy."

That’s alright boys. Come round to our place to jam next time. Promise we won’t complain!



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