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Vince Vaughn Thinks Australian Hurdler Michelle Jenneke Is "Very Attractive" And "Fantastic"

2 years ago

Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke became a viral sensation earlier this year when video of her sexy pre-race warm up routine made it onto YouTube - and it seems she has a celebrity fan in the form of Vince Vaughn!

Hot Hits Live From LA host Andrew Gunsberg sat down with the cast of The Watch for a chat, but he was a little surprised when Vince immediately insisted on talking about Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke instead of the film.

"Let's talk about this hurdler, this young hurdler than you have, with the dance... I find her very attractive. And a fantastic hurdler," Vince told

"But the dance is... I don't understand. It looks like she was just, not taunting, she was just kind of having fun and being positive. But she captured the hearts and minds of men all across the globe."

Castmate Jonah Hill admitted that he had no idea what Vince was talking about, and Vince and Andrew had to stop to explain it to him.

"She's a phenomenal hurdler," Vince explained. "She does it like this," he added, moving his shoulders up and down.

Johan butted in, telling Andrew, "I'm not just saying this because you're from Australia, but I find Australian women to be the most beautiful in the world."

Andrew suggested that Michelle was just doing an "amazing job", and Vince had an answer ready for that.

"You're not inside her mind, you don't know what she as doing, but it was fantastic to see. It was fantastic to see," he finished.

Plus keeping watching after the interview to see what happened at The Watch red carpet premiere in Los Angeles! And scroll to the bottom of this page to watch the full Michelle Jenneke race video.

The Watch is in cinemas on September 13.



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