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The Hills - Where Are They Now?

2 years ago

The Hills was the hottest show on TV, until it got too fake for words. The show started off with a simple enough concept. Laguna Beach star Lauren Conrad moved to Los Angeles with her best friend Heidi Montag, made friends with Audrina Patridge and worked with Whitney Port at Teen Vogue. Of course things got crazy after Lauren and Heidi stopped speaking to each other, and Heidi destroyed her life by hooking up with Spencer Pratt.

By the final season of the show Audrina was the only cast member left. Lauren had quit, Whitney had been given her own show and Heidi was asked to leave after Spencer threatened a producer. That meant that people like Kristen Cavallari, Brody Jenner, Stephanie Pratt and Stacie the bartender were propelling the fake storylines, and eventually it all came to an end.

For a while there the girls from The Hills were fashion icons who appeared on the covers of magazines and were the envy of young women around the world. But what happened to them? And what happened to all their random friends and enemies? Let's find out.

Lauren Conrad black tear

Lauren Conrad was the star of the series, and the reason it even came into existence. She quit at the end of the fifth season, after she got sick of scripted storylines, fake phone calls and staged blind dates. Plus she had a boyfriend who didn't want to be on the series. These days Lauren is a published author who has written a series of books about a girl on a reality TV show (definitely not based on her real experiences). She runs a fashion and style website, and she recently caused a lot of controversy after she encouraged her fans to destroy books in the name of art. To us she'll always be the girl who didn't go to Paris.

Heidi Montag plastic surgery

Heidi Montag has recovered from her plastic surgeries, and she and husband Spencer Pratt are still together. They tried to stage a break up last year, but no one cared. Heidi is still threatening to relaunch her music career, but we don't think that will ever happen. The pair claimed to be bankrupt a while ago, and Spencer is actually back at university studying political science, so it sounds like he's actually trying to get a real job. They do however have verified Twitter accounts, so at least they feel like they're still famous! They have also reunited with their families, after they pretty much kicked them out of their lives during Spencer's crystal addiction phase... yes addicted to actual rocks. Update: Heidi and Spencer signed on to appear on Celebrity Big Brother in the UK in early 2013... where they proceeded to bitch about all the other contestants and refuse to speak to them. What an inspiration to us all.

Whitney Port is actually doing really well in the fashion world. She's been focusing on her line Whitney Eve, and was in Australia recently for the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival in Sydney. And WE by Whitney EVE is about to be stocked in Sportsgirl! Yes we'd say this girl is still living the dream. She's reportedly dating Tim Rosenman, who was an associate producer on The City.

Audrina Patridge briefly got her own reality show, which featured her family. She recently got photographed by the paparazzi while she got her hair done... that definitely wasn't set up at all. She's still dating Aussie BMX rider Corey Bohan, still attends random events and openings, still kind of living the celebrity life. She's a spokesperson for Curve Appeal, and recently appeared on Celebrity Ghost Stories.

Audrina tells us that The Hills was fake!

Kristin Cavallari pregnant

That's our core four -- later joined by Kristin Cavallari. Well Kristin's not a hell raising party girl anymore -- she's a mum! Yes Kristin gave birth to a baby, and Heidi Montag and Stephanie Pratt even attended her baby shower. So some of these girls are still friends. The baby shower was filmed for a show called Cupcake Wars, but unfortunately we can't find any clips for you. The baby daddy? Fiance Jay Cutler, an NFL quarterback.

Lo Bosworth was Lauren's best friend from home, and slowly became the person that all the other girls sat and had conversations in cafes with. She runs a website called The Lo Down, and also wrote a book of the same name. Stephanie Pratt entered the show when she abused Lauren in a club and then became her friend. Her boyfriend recently ran over a cop's foot with his car. Awkward.

Brody Jenner was one of the major male characters on the show, serving as a love interest for Lauren, Jen Bunney (we'll get to her), Kristin and briefly Audrina. He's basically still being a bro, hanging out and partying. He's the step brother of the Kardashian clan, so we'd say he'll be ok in life. He dated Avril Lavigne for a while, but clearly that ended since she got engaged to Chad Kroeger from Nickelback. Oh yeah, and he does something with a weird casino Facebook app.

Now you probably remember all of those people. But remember all the minor characters that appeared on this show? We're not going to try to list them all, but there were a lot of random love interests over the years. Let's have a very quick update on these pointless people.

Frankie Delgado was Brody's BFF, and they are still in a serious bromance. Their Twitter feeds are filled with love for each other, but he is also engaged to a lovely lady. Justin Bobby was the gross guy who Audrina was in love with, but did you know he was a hairdresser!? Apparently he is cutting hair in Costa Mesa.

Stacie the bartender became Kristin's friend in the final season, and it turns out they actually are still friends! Stacie wants Kristin to be her bridesmaid at her wedding, and it turns out she's also friends with Kendra Wilkinson -- because her sister works for Playboy Radio. Holly Montag seems to be on better terms with her sister Heidi again... we're basing that on Spencer asking people to follow her on Twitter.

Remember back in season one there was a group of guys we were meant to care about? Brian Drolet briefly dated Audrina, and he has appeared in a whole stack of terrible straight to DVD movies. Jordan Eubanks was Heidi's boyfriend, and he has also been in some straight to DVD releases. He's also married!

Jason Wahler aka Lauren's ex has been in and out of rehab and jail, but he's cleaned himself up and was recently snapped hanging with Janice Dickinson and appearing at charity events. And Jen Bunney who caused heaps of drama and got a nose job, now has an MBA.

Thank god you know that now.

Julia Foskey is the Hot Hits Live From LA Digital Editor - @j_fosk

Audrina tells us that The Hills was fake!

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