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Big Brother Australia Winners - Where Are They Now?

2 years ago

Big Brother returns to Australian screens tonight, and we thought it was perfect timing for a little trip down memory lane!

The new series is hosted by Sonia Kruger, who we imagine will be just as good in the role as our beloved Gretel Killeen was back in the day. We'll also get a whole swag of new housemates entering the house, ready to do a bit of doona dancing and turkey slapping.... no they won't. This year is meant to be family friendly!

Everybody Dance Now - what did you think?

We thought a BB Where Are They Now article would be a great way to kick off the new series. Then we realised that over 100 contestants featured in the eight different seasons of the show, and we decided to just focus on the winners. Because honestly, do you even remember who most of those people were?

Update: We've added BB2012 and BB2013's winners to the top of this list as of November 2013.

Big Brother 2013 - Tim

It's a little bit early to know what Tim will do next, but a line of onesies wouldn't be out of the question would it?

Big Brother 2012 - Ben

After proposing to his boyfriend Ben on the finale, as of 2013 Ben and Ben were still going strong. Winner Ben is working for our friends at Scoopla, bring celebrity gossip to the people of Australia.

Season One -- Ben Williams
Ben Williams was engaged in one of Australian reality TV's first ever bromances, with runner-up Blair McDonough (who ended up on Neighbours and Winners and Losers). After winning the show, Ben started a sports management company. And he married Today reporter Jade Robran in Bali. We stalked her Twitter, but can't find any other info about Ben which is very disappointing!

Season Two -- Peter Corbett
Peter went in to the house for one reason. To win the money. And that he did. Where is he now? Wikipedia has a weird story about the Churchill Top Gun Academy and coaching a footy team... But we're not too sure about that.

Season Three -- Reggie Bird
Tasmanian bogan Reggie won over the entire nation with her dreams of being a flight attendant, something she briefly achieved by working for Virgin. She ditched her loser husband, married a new guy and had two kids. Sadly Reggie is suffering from a degenerative eye disease, and is slowly going blind. Her son Lucas was also diagnosed with genetic disorder cystic fibrosis in 2011.

Season Four -- Trevor Butler
Trevor beat Ryan/Fryzie/Fitzy to win the fourth season, which was the year they upped the prize money to $1 million. At one stage he worked in radio on the Gold Coast, but we're not sure where he is now. Why don't these former contestants have more up to date social media profiles?

Season Five -- Logan Greg
Remember the great twist of season five? No it wasn't that everyone was single -- although that was pretty good. It was the secret twins! Logan Greg and Logan David. They don't have last names. Logan Greg ended up winning the show, and while we can't work out what he is doing now we did find his 2007 showreel. You're welcome. Also this year BB totally regretted making the prize money $1 million, and fined the contestants for doing bad things.

Season Six -- Jamie Brooksby
Jamie wore a headband and hooked up with Katie. Where is he now? Not online.

Season Seven -- Aleisha Cowcher
Hairdresser Aleisha won the seventh season, and used her winnings to buy a hairdressing salon. A good investment. We don't know where it is. Sorry.

Season Eight -- Terri Munro
OK admit it. You had definitely stopped watching by this stage. The final season was won by 52 year old Terri, in that boring year where they added old people. Apparently she still works at Coles.

And lastly, whatever happened to Hotdogs? Well he's working at a workplace solutions company... not quite as glamorous as the Up Late Gameshow.

Desperate for more? Luckily ACA did this exact topic last year!



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