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Meet Luke Hemsworth - Chris And Liam's Older Brother

2 years ago

The Hemsworth brothers have taken Hollywood by storm, with Chris and Liam becoming two of the biggest stars in the world. And now their older brother Luke is set to follow in their footsteps!

Luke actually started acting first, appearing in classic Aussie shows like Neighbours in the early 2000s. It didn't take long before his brothers followed in his footsteps, with Chris picking up a long running part in Home and Away as Kim Hyde, the attractive surfie boy who had a series of fake paternity scares. And Liam also worked on Neighbours, as well as the classic Australian kids show Elephant Princess.

Now that Chris is Thor and Liam is Gale in The Hunger Games, Luke has decided to give acting another go -- and we're pretty excited by the idea of another Hemsworth in Hollywood!

31 year old Luke never really stopped acting, and has been working in Australian TV pretty steadily for the past few years. He was recently in Bikie Wars as Shadow, so you might have seen him in that. He's also been doing a few interviews lately where he of course has been asked about his little bros.

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But let's take a look back at some of his older work shall we? A little trip down memory lane. Unfortunately we can't find his role on The Saddle Club. Damn you teenage uploaders! Why haven't you put his episode on YouTube?

According to imdb, Luke had two different roles on Neighbours - he played Nathan Tyson in the early 2000s, and John Carter in 2008. Here he is in 2002, skip to 5:35 to see him fighting with Lou (at least we think that's him, there is barely any info on this video). In an interview with EW he described his character as a "drug dealer".

Luke also appeared on Elephant Princess, as Uncle Harry, and this is where things get crazy (not really). Uncle Harry is the uncle of Marcus -- who is played by Liam Hemsworth! So Luke is playing the uncle of his own brother! But then Harry refers to Luke as "cuz" -- so are they really cousins? So many questions, and we only watched a few seconds of the episode so we will probably never find out. The magic begins at about 3:20 in the clip below.

According to IMDB Luke plays a "villain" in an episode of The Bazura Project. Around 10:10 there's a guy in a balaclava mask... Check it out.

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And of course there was Bikie Wars. Luke was a main character on the show, which finished airing in June. He played Gregory "Shadow" Campbell, who in real life was killed in the infamous Milperra Massacre. Check out this little video a fan made! Quite a few glimpses of Luke in here.

In conclusion, we are very excited to see what Luke does next. Those Hemsworths are taking over the world!



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