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Will Smith Interviewed Justin Bieber Before He Could Join The Family!

2 years ago

Justin recently appeared on Ellen DeGeneres' show and while there it was revealed that he had to sit through an interview with Will Smith in order to hand out with Jaden!


Will Smith was Ellen's first guest on the show and when Justin came on she asked him if he was a kind of official member of the family now.

He responded, "Kind of yeah."

Ellen then asked, "Did he really sit you down and interview you so you could be a part of the family?"

Justin then replied, "Well basically you know he just wants to make sure good people are around his family you know, he doesn't want just anybody. So basically he's like if you going to be around my kid, you have to make sure you do this and this and this."

Ellen then pushed Justin as to exactly what this and this and this meant, with Justin responding, "You know be respectful. You know like make sure if I have something the next day that we get the proper amount of sleep and stuff like that. Yeah, he's about his business."


Ellen also revealed that Will said that he always knows when Justin is in the house because he is no loud! Apparently when the boys hang out they just, "play music and stuff like that".

Ellen also teased Justin about girlfriend Selena Gomez -- with the visibly embarrassed biebs giving one word answers about his girl!

Ellen also got a special handmade Girlfriend jacket!

Watch the amazing interview here!



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