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Yumi Stynes Apologises For 'The Circle' Comments About Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith

3 years ago

The Circle host Yumi Stynes has apologised for comments she made about Australian soldier Ben Roberts-Smith on the Channel Ten talk show.

Photos of the Victoria Cross winner topless in a pool were shown on the program yesterday, leading Yumi to comment on his intelligence.

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Yumi said, ''He's going to dive down to the bottom of the pool to see if his brain is there''.

George Negus added, "I'm sure he's a really good guy, nothing about poor old Ben. But that sort of bloke, and what if they're not up to it in the sack?"

The comments caused outrage on Facebook and Twitter, with Yumi and George accused of disrespecting an Australian war hero.

Yumi has now spoken out about the controversy, insisting that the comments were a joke and she is very sorry for offending anyone.

''So I made a joke, because how could anybody possibly be so perfect?'' Yumi said.

''What I didn't estimate was how much my joke was not appreciated. I sort of intimated that maybe he wasn't very smart, because how could you be that buff and spend that much time in a gym and be smart as well? And people have been a bit angry and I've been getting a lot of angry messages.

''And I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to offend anybody and I have total respect for people that work in the the defence forces, and I've never met Ben but I'm sure he's lovely and he does seem like a big family man.''

Channel Ten released a statement which read, ''We recognise he is a highly decorated soldier, national hero and we have the utmost respect for him."

Corporal Roberts-Smith single-handedly stormed an enemy machine gun position in Afghanistan in 2010. He also appeared on Channel Seven's Sunday Night over the weekend and revealed that he and his wife had conceived their twin daughters through IVF.



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