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Why Are One Direction's US Management Trying To Make Harry Styles The Lead Singer?

3 years ago

One Direction are slowly starting to make it big in America, with one major problem -- their US management are reportedly trying to turn Harry Styles into the band's lead singer.

Up until now the boys have been equals, and although at times it has seemed that Liam Payne and Harry have dominated the vocals in a lot of their songs, there has never been any hint of a "lead singer" in any of their videos, interviews or performances.

Zayn Malik gets a new tattoo?

But it seems that their American management don't like that idea, and think the boys will be more successful if Harry is seen as the frontman.

A source told The Daily Star, "Columbia music execs are rubbing their hands with glee. It looks like One Direction are going to be absolutely massive in America.

"They decided long ago that Harry is a natural frontman. He's funny, confident and has a great voice."

This week the boys filmed a guest appearance on Nickelodeon show iCarly - and it was Harry who scored the largest part, involving Miranda Cosgrove's character developing a crush on him.

One Direction on iCarly

But the boys themselves don't think that they need a lead singer.

A friend told the Daily Star, "They are determined to carry on the way they have been -- without a lead singer. Harry certainly hasn't asked for all this attention."

We didn't fall in love with Harry and his backing singers -- we fell in love with all the boys equally.

We don't even understand how they would manage this? Would Harry sing other people's solo parts in concerts? Would he always be front and centre in their photo shoots? Would the other boys just get forgotten about?

Have your say below. Should Harry be 1D's lead singer?



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