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REVIEW: Reece Mastin Live In Melbourne

3 years ago

What happens when you win The X Factor two days before you turn 17? Well you go on tour around Australia to perform for the kids who voted for you -- which is exactly what Reece Mastin is doing right now, having sold out a ridiculous number of gigs across the country. And last night was the start of a string of shows at The Palms in Melbourne.

Check out photos of Reece's gig here!

The atmosphere in the room was electric. The outfit of choice amongst the mainly under 18 crowd was a pair of denim shorts and a Reece Mastin singlet, paired with extreme excitement at being in the same room as their number one crush.

Christina Parie kicked things off; proving that she has what it takes to be one of Australia's best rock chicks. Next up was Johnny Ruffo, who got a massive response from the crowd. He brought a bit of everything -- dancing, Justin Timberlake songs, a fan serenade, 'What Makes You Beautiful' by One Direction and just his general hotness.

After their sets both Johnny and Christina headed out into the foyer to sign merchandise, causing mass stampedes amongst the teens. Reece Mastin's best friends were also walking around, taking photos with the crowd who couldn't stop talking about how hot they were. Johnny's two dancers were also lapping up the attention, posing for photos and chatting to the girls.

Finally, it was time for the main event. Reece! He hit the stage to screams that were so loud they pretty much drowned out his opening song, 30 Seconds To Mars' hit 'Closer To The Edge'. Every move he made and everything he said drew a ridiculous response from the crowd, and I'm sure most of them can't speak today.

It was a night of covers, which of course is to be expected from an X Factor contestant. But Reece put his own rock star spin on them, which means his upcoming original album should be interesting. There were plenty of familiar tunes -- 'Ironic', 'Staying Alive', 'Breakeven', 'She Will Be Loved'. There was a duet of 'Kids' with Christina Parie, which went down especially well with the crowd. His number one hit 'Good Night' got the biggest response of the night, with the entire crowd up on their feet and dancing -- even the mums.

We also got a look at one of his original songs, a rock anthem called 'Just My Luck'. And just to make the moment even more exciting, Reece took his shirt off. Well it didn't matter what the song sounded like (and it was actually pretty good) -- the room completely exploded. Luckily for those at home our awesome photographer captured plenty of photos of this hot moment!

See those hot photos here!

Reece has already got the rock star swagger down. While we saw a bit of this on the X Factor live shows, it was out in full force last night. He was spraying water out of his mouth (trust me, it looked cool), pouring water on the girls in the front row, encouraging screams, and requesting some "bling" for his band. That request had hundreds of bracelets flying across the room. The crowd adores him, and he is loving every moment of it. He also threw plenty of water bottles out into the crowd -- be prepared to catch one if you're going!

It was all over too soon, with Reece announcing his last song. There was a moment of panic, as the fans weren't sure whether to go into the foyer to wait for him or stick around for the encore. It was probably a 50/50 split -- when Reece and his band came back to perform, the room was definitely emptying out. But we'd been told that only the first 100 would get something signed, so I understand the need to be the first one out there!

The verdict? Reece can sing. He's an incredible performer, and he had the crowd whipped up into a frenzy. It will be interesting to see where he goes from here, considering he's only 17, -- but for right now, he's got thousands of teenage girls in the palm of his hand.

Review by Julia Foskey



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