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Skyrim: The Game That Shutdown The Internet

3 years ago

Epic dragon fights, 200 hours of game play, dual wielding crazy ass spells and enchanted axes at the same time; prepare to go medieval.

If you visit any internet forums like reddit, memebase, funnyjunk etc. you've probably noticed the vast emptiness of internet lols and abundance of tumbleweeds. Why? Well because everyone who hardwires the internet into their veins is playing Skyrim.

What is Skyrim? Just the latest Elder Scrolls (V) and a MASSIVE fantasy role playing game (RPG).

Yawn right? I saw Lord of the Rings too.

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Well shut that mouth, because right now Webster is running back to the office to update the real meaning of Epic in the dictionary. Here's a hint, its going to have a picture of Skyrim.

Now a girlfriend once told me that size isn't everything, well what she didn't mention was that it does make things better. Skyrim is like the Dirk Diggler of Games. It is MASSIVE. You could probably finish the linear story in about 30 hours, but you won't.

Why? Because the awesome will find you. Skyrim is filled with invading side quests and 'real life' situations and plots, which you can't help but be drawn into. So you might be about to fight a dragon (epic already) when a giant shows up randomly and jumps on its back and hacks its head off. Next thing you are running from a giant who forces you into another quest. Its like life.. if you were a magician warrior from a fable. So relatable.


Then there is the story telling. Skyrim provides gamers with real learning experiences. I.e. you don't just learn about plot through stony dialogue, but rather through an endless array of well-placed items, settings and NPC actions.

So picking up a book in an allies room may just show you he is an evil bigot who plans to kill half the realm. So look around and enjoy the surprises. They get real.

And it's not just the scale but the design. Every detail looks it was hand crafted with loving care. It's a magical wonderland that will have your pupils so dilated you'll be spewing rainbows onto your desk.

So you're playing, what's the gameplay and fighting like? Again I get to be a fanboy because there is an array of styles for anyone.

I went magician, with a strong affinity for axes. But I like to jump headlong into a pit of dragons blasting spells and smashing heads. But you can play full stealth, go warrior, or more combinations than a Ben & Jerry's shop.

The key here is that they actually balance. Unlike other class choosing games you aren't gimped for playing how you want. Sure there are some small problems like if you try to magic someone in the back from stealth it does pretty much 0.1% of a daggers damage, it does still work.


Ok the summary.

Skyrim is a must play game. Graphically you won't find a game so pretty that lets you interact with every single element. The freedom within the plot and realm development really puts you in control, which will have you getting attached to characters, horses and dogs (which fight for you!) like they are your family pet.

There are a few small bugs in the quests, and I was disappointed that there was no multiplayer so people could see my epic character, but these are so easily passable that I only mention them so you don't think I'm going to run off and marry this game on a pirate boat in the pacific.

With so many hours of gameplay, options to create your own world path over and over, and just pure battle fun, Skyrim can be forgiven for taking the millions of internet trolls away from creating rage comics. Unless they are about how their copy didn't arrive in the mail.

Skyrim gets an impossible 9.5/10 and should be filling Christmas stockings nationwide.

So check out this trailer for dragons and some epic Friday viewing:

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