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Dina Lohan: Lindsay's Nude Shots Are 'Tasteful'

2 years ago

In a typical Dina Lohan over share, Lindsay Lohan's mum has publicly come out in support of her daughter's decision to strip for Playboy magazine -- insisting that the shots of her naked daughter are 'tasteful'.

While we guess we aren't surprised the Dina has seen the pictures, (this is a woman who was snapped almost passing out on her daughter's face at her birthday bash) we can't help feeling a little squeamish upon hearing her go into details about the images!

Lindsay decided to pose for the risque publication amidst ongoing legal issues and a seriously ragged public reputation -- but there is one upside to the deal... Lohan is reportedly receiving in the ball park of one million for the snaps.

Dina has recently come out to defend her daughter's decision, oblivious to the creepiness of it, by insisting that the resulting images look great.

She told The Insider, "It was an opportunity for her... She's 25 years old now, so it was her ultimate decision... It will be tastefully done... I've seen (the photos). She's really great in front of the camera... She's been working in front of the camera with Ford Models since she was a little girl so she kinda knows how to work that."

Nice touch adding in the comment about Lindsay's childhood modelling career! She certainly has come a long way!



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