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The Laguna Beach Cast - Where Are They Now?

4 years ago

Remember when Laguna Beach was the hottest MTV reality show around? It was a simple and innocent show with a basic concept - follow a bunch of rich kids around in a Californian town and see what drama they can come up with. We watched them fight over boys, talk about each other, and drink out of blue and red plastic cups at parties.

But what happened to those rich kids? Did they fulfill their dreams of being superstars? Or are they lying in a ditch somewhere, completely forgotten about? Welcome to our new regular article series 'So Not Hot', where we discover what happened to the stars of yesterday. Where are they now?

Let's cut to the chase - we all know where original star Lauren Conrad aka LC is. She hit the big time with The Hills, has her own fashion line, and just signed a new book deal. Her bestie Lo Bosworth tagged along for the ride, while frenemy Kristin Cavallari joined the cast after Lauren quit the show. And the boy they fought over, Stephen Colletti, is currently starring on US drama series One Tree Hill, proving that reality stars can get real acting jobs.

Find out what Lauren Conrad is up to these days!

But we want to know what happened to all the random cast members who helped fuel the rest of the drama over the three seasons of the show. The ones who you have completely forgotten about -- until now.

Talan Torriero hit the headlines when he randomly got engaged to Rod Stewart's daughter Kimberly for about five minutes. He's had small roles in a few straight to DVD films, none of which you will have heard of. He has a website called, which helps people to do an internship from the comfort of their own home computer. Jason Wahler hooked up with most of the cast and managed to start dating Lauren Conrad, cheat on her, then get back together with her and score a short lived role on The Hills. He's spent the past few years in and out of rehab and jail, including a stint on Celebrity Rehab.

So you probably remember those two. Maybe. But you might have to think harder to remember some of these names.

Christina Schuller from Season One dreamed of being an actress/singer, and even scored a really awkward audition for a Broadway musical. She's still trying to be an actress, and even posted a really awful show reel on YouTube, which you can check out below. Her best friend Morgan Olsen, who you have probably completely forgotten about, got married in 2010 to her boyfriend, and Christina was one of the bridesmaids. And Trey Phillips, who you definitely won't remember (he wore a lot of hats) finished college and started a weird art project called CityLove.

Christina's show reel:

From Season Two we also had drama maker Alex Murrel who somehow scored a recording contract. Unfortunately, she later got dropped after her singles had no success. She appeared in a straight to DVD film American High, which coincidentally also starred Talan, as well as some other films you've never heard of. Her boring bestie Taylor Cole has completely stepped out of the limelight and works in marketing for a Californian computer company.

Dieter Schmitz was Stephen Colletti's friend, and never got upgraded to the main cast. These days he spends a lot time tweeting at Stephen on Twitter. Stephen generally does not reply. Jessica Smith who was really annoying and dated Dieter, Jason, and Cameron from the third season is now married and has a baby. What a shocker. She also attempts to tweet at Kristin -- again, no response.

Jessica from Laguna Beach

Kristin's friend Alex Hooser is a fan of Justin Bieber according to her Twitter account, while blonde bimbo 'new girl' Casey Reinhardt really hit the big time when her brother Doug dated Paris Hilton for a couple of years. Her ridiculous official website says she is due to star in a new reality show, but we doubt that will actually happen.

So you might feel like maybe you knew some of those names. Well get ready, because Season Three was packed full of absolute nobodies -- and they are almost impossible to track down.

Breanna Conrad was lucky enough to be LC's little sister, so she got automatic inclusion in this season. Apparently she also followed in Lauren's footsteps and studied fashion, and possibly has her own line, although all links to her many websites and Twitter accounts seem to be dead. Raquel 'Rocky' Donatelli has an open Facebook, and spends all her time with her boyfriend and puppies.

Tessa Keller was the super boring narrator of this season, and she is nowhere to be found. Lexie Contursi wanted to be a dancer, and auditioned for So You Think You Can Dance in 2010. Kelan Hurley and Chase Johnson were in the band Open Air Stereo, which never went anywhere despite appearing on the show. Cami Edwards and Kyndra Mayo started a jewellery line together, while Cameron Brinkman has apparently not yet graduated from college.

So that's it. That's where they all are. The Laguna Beach cast -- So Not Hot.

Julia Foskey is the Hot Hits Live From LA Digital Editor - @j_fosk



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