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Review: Good Charlotte & Short Stack Live In Melbourne

3 years ago

The vibe in Melbourne is electric... tonight is a double header to please rock fans the world over; Short Stack and Good Charlotte at Rod Laver Arena.

Short Stack have clearly taken a lot of inspiration from bands like Good Charlotte -- Australia's premier pop rockers opening number 'We Dance To A Different Disco, Honey' sounds not unlike something the Madden brothers would put their name to... but hey, if you sound awesome... then why mess with it?

PHOTO GALLERY: Good Charlotte & Short Stack Live In Melbourne!

To be honest Short Stack never used to float my boat, but as the years have gone by Andy, Bradie and Shaun have started warm my soul. Even their hair cuts are "growing" on me in recent months.

They've got some decent tunes too... 'Princess' is killer, and 'Sway Sway Baby' sounds great... Short Stack were my perfect side order of fries to my main Big Madden McValue meal.

As the curtain goes down... and then opens again... you can almost smell the teenage hormonal anticipation. The Madden brothers creep onto stage in a haze of darkness... and then BANG... the opening chords to 'Anthem' come screeching out of guitar amps. What a way to start... Benji and Joel look like they're wearing exactly the same cut off shoulder vest/baggy jean arrangement. The only way to tell them apart is Benji's trademark baseball cap; "Hey Joel... 'I'm freakin' out maaaaaaan'" he kept saying. Literally. He kept saying it. He was freaking. Out. The Melbourne fans were losing their shiz... and why wouldn't they be... next up 'Girls & Boys'... what a way to start a show!

Joel's voice sounded a little rusty as he spoke to the crowd. Perhaps he was having throat issues? The good news is... GC are the ultimate professionals... he gave it his all and the songs still sounded tight.

'Riot Girl' was dedicated to all the 'hot girls' in Australia. As a boy, this meant nothing. But still, it was the thought that counted.

To anyone who doubts Good Charlotte, I recommend you go and see them play. These boys have tunes. 'Like It's Her Birthday' was a bowl of mosh potato, meanwhile 'Dance Floor Anthem' (my favourite of theirs) was cool cool cool.

The encore was incredible... probably the most exhilarating part of the night -- a super awesome version of 'Last Night' followed by a 'The Story Of My Old Man/Dammit (Blink 182)' mash up was pretty redic. Oh and finishing with 'Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous' was a pretty cool moment.

Nice show lads... it's not hard to see why Australia loves this band so much.

Have you seen Good Charlotte on their Australia tour? Let us know what you thought of their performance!

Review by Wes Holland

'The Hot Hits Live From LA' team.




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