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Top 10 Hottest Male Celebrity Bodies 2010

4 years ago

It was a really tough day at the office for team when we had to put together the 'Top 10 Hottest Male Celebrity Bodies of 2010!'

There are the usual suspects who seem to make an appearance every year...but also a few surprise packets this year, hello Ryan Kwanten...!

We couldn't figure out who has the hottest bod though, so that's where YOU guys come in! Check out the pics below and let us know who you think should WIN 'Hottest Male Celebrity Body of 2010!'


Ryan Reynolds has shocked us all with his newly toned body this year! Apparently the secret to his new hot bod is eating every 2-3 hours, drinking tons of water, and getting busy with his wife Scarlett Johansson...guess we can't blame the guy!

PLAYLIST: The Hottest Boys Going Round!
ryan reynolds hot male celebrity bodies 2010


Taylor Lautner totally 'wowed' this year when he transformed from a cute kid to a ripped werewolf in the blink of an eye! No wonder fans are leaving Team Edward for Team Jacob in droves! Imagine what he'll look like in another year...phwoar!

Vampire Video Playlist!
taylor lautner hot male celebrity bodies 2010


Well who saw this coming...not only can he dance, act and sing; Justin Bieber is now blessed with a pretty hot bod! This snap was taken a month ago when The Biebs was fooling around on a beach. And sounds like he's pretty happy with his new body too...he recently flashed Rihanna his abs in a restaurant!

Watch Justin Bieber's latest video 'U SMILE'!
justin bieber hot male celebrity bodies 2010


This guy was virtually unknown at the start of the year...that's until he started dating Miley Cyrus and flashed his ridic bod in the film 'The Last Song'. Since then he's gone on to become Hollywood HOT property...let's just hope he gets cast in another role where his bod needs to be on display 24/7!
liam hemsworth hot male celebrity bodies 2010

Who would have thought the weird dude from 'Donnie Darko' would end up on our 'Top 10 Hottest Male Celebrity Bodies of 2010'! Since getting ripped for 'Prince Of Persia' Jake hasn't looked yourself a favour and go check out his latest flick 'Love & Other Drugs', talk about a perve fiesta!

The Ultimate TAYLOR SWIFT Video Playlist!!
jake gyllenhaal hot male celebrity bodies 2010


OK, Nelly can sing, rap, dance etc. But has anyone checked out his body recently?! Talk about WOW. This dude is 100% beef cake, and we 100% love beef cake!

Check out Nelly's latest video 'JUST A DREAM'!
NELLY hot male celebrity bodies 2010


The High School Musical star has done a lot of growing up this year...he's starred in his first dramatic role, grown a beard, and continued to work out on his freakin' hot bod! Vanessa Hudgens, you are one very lucky lady!
zac efron hot male celebrity bodies 2010


The guy formerly known as Vinnie on 'Home and Away' is now huge right around the world...thanks to his role as Jason Stackhouse in 'True Bloody', and his 10/10 body! Apparently his new body is compliments of soft-sand running, hiking, swimming, biking, triathlons and surfing. Kwanten is also now a yoga instructor!
ryan kwanten hot male celebrity bodies 2010


Aside from fronting one of the coolest bands in the business '30 Seconds To Mars'...Jared also likes to spend a lot of time walking around with no top on. Which is totally fine by us.

Check out the 30 Seconds To Mars video 'CLOSER TO THE EDGE'!
jared leto hot male celebrity bodies 2010


Thank god for Twilight...not only has it given us Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, it's also heralded the arrival of Kellan Lutz. And head's up ladies, he's currently single and on the prowl! So if you're someone who can "bowl, throw a football, and likes to be athletic..." then get yourself to Hollywood ASAP!
kellan lutz hot male celebrity bodies 2010




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