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REVIEW - Adam Lambert, Palais Theatre, Melbourne 19th October 2010

4 years ago

The Melbourne show of Adam Lambert's Glam Nation Tour had everything you would expect from a man known as Glambert. Glitter, big hair, sexy dancers, a hot band, and lots of eyeliner.

The atmosphere in the Palais Theatre before Adam came on stage was electric. In fact I don't know if I've ever seen a crowd so excited. People were actually singing along and dancing to the recorded pop music that was played in the theatre before the lights even went down.

Check out Adam Lambert's video for 'If I Had You'

Once Adam came on stage covered in glitter and wearing a purple fur trimmed jacket, we knew we were in for a fun, high energy show. The crowd were instantly on their feet, ready to sing and dance along with all of Adam's songs.

Adam moved through his songs in quick succession, barely pausing to take a breath. He had a few short chats with the crowd, but spent most of the time singing. Highlights were single 'For Your Entertainment' and a cover of Johnny Cash's 'Ring Of Fire'.

The moment I had been waiting for came after only a couple of songs. Adam kissed a boy. His bass guitarist to be exact. Sadly it only happened once. I was almost disappointed that the show wasn't even raunchier. There was a lot of sexy dancing, but after hearing that he had been forced to tone down the show in Malaysia I was hoping for something ridiculously over the top.

Adam Lambert's international success is incredible, if you compare him to all the other people who have been on American Idol. To be touring the world and have big fan bases in countries that didn't watch you on Idol is quite an achievement.

The biggest moment of the night had to be his performance of hit single 'Whataya Want From Me'. Compared to the rest of the show, it was very simple, with Adam performing on a stool in the middle of the stage. This was followed by a short set of ballads and slower paced songs.

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The crowd were on the feet for the whole show, even during the slow songs. Their dancing was hampered a bit by having to stay standing in front of their seats. I would imagine if you had these same fans in a mosh pit there would be a lot of dance offs.

The end came all too quickly, with an extended performance of 'If I Had You'. After a quick encore Adam Lambert was gone, leaving a trail of glitter behind him.

Make sure you don't miss the Glam Nation Tour when it comes to your city.

Review by Julia Foskey




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