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Brownlow Medal Best and Worst Dressed 2010

4 years ago

Although the Brownlow Medal is supposed to be all about the AFL players, these days it's all about the hot frocks, shocks and tandoori chicken style fake tan!

This year we weren't disappointed, with some serious stunners gracing the red some serious shockers rocking up next-to-nothing (we're looking at you Bryne Edelsten).

BROWNLOW 2011: Best And Worst Dressed! Click here!

So here tis, 'The Hot Hits Live From LA' Brownlow Medal Best and Worst Dressed 2010!

Did we get it right or wrong...let us know in the comments box below!


Let's kick it off with BEST DRESSED!

We've gotta hand it to the girl, Rebecca Twigley sure knows how to 'do' a red carpet. Who could forget 'that' red dress a few years back...on anyone else they would have looked like a massive sl*t! This year Rebecca opted for this body hugging silver/white number, and she looks pretty freakin' amazing. 9/10

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rebecca twigley brownlow medal best and worst dressed 2010

Cute couple award for the night goes to St Kilda star Nick Riewoldt and Texan hottie Catherine Heard..we have no idea when Nick managed to pop across to Texas, but this footy star has done damn well for himself. Classic, all in black rates 8.5/10
nick reiwoldt and catherine heard best and worst dressed 2010

Somehow Australia's Miss Universe representative Jescinta Campbell managed to sneak in to this year's Brownlow Medal count...but you can't blame security for wanting to let this emerald beauty in! We're loving this bright green number big time! 8/10
jesinta campbell best and worst dressed 2010

Fashionista and Gary Ablett's girlfriend Lauren Philips hasn't let us down in this gorgeous and super classy long black number. Complimented with some bvlgari jewellery and stylish up 'do this is our Brownlow pick for the night! 9/10.

lauren philips best and worst dressed 2010

Now it's time to get nasty...! Here comes WORST DRESSED!

Surprise,'s the American lass who loves to make a statement for all the wrong reasons! Once again Brynne Edelsten has taken all the class out on the Brownlow Medal with incredibly skanky short number. Last year the AFL chairman made a rule that all the fellas must wear black...time he brings in a rule for the ladies, 'no tarts allowed'! 0/10

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brynne edelsten best and worst dressed 2010

Boys, boys, boys! Sure they're taking the piss out of Tania Buckley's g-string shocker a few years back...but reckon these funnymen Steven Curry and Dave Lawson have taken it just slightly too far. We'll have to give them a few votes for the laughs though 3/10
steve curry dave lawson best and worst dressed 2010

Speaking of Tania Buckley...what a 'surprise' that she's made the worst dressed list for another year. The wife of Collingwood legend Nathan Buckley is letting the world know that not only did she get an invite to the Brownlow, so did her boobs! Keep those fake fun bags for your husband's eyes only! 2/10

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nathan buckley tania buckley best and worst dressed 2010

And here's our award for scariest couple for the night...Collingwood star Dane Swan forgot to pack his smile, and his lady friend Taylor Wilson is wearing a kid's ass on her chest...ohhh hang on, they're her breasts packed so tightly together they resemble packed pocket of balls on a billards table. 1.5/10
dane swan taylor wilson best and worst dressed 2010

BROWNLOW 2011: Best And Worst Dressed! Click here!



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