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Lady Gaga's Product Placement Continues with 'Bad Romance' Video

5 years ago

Lady Gaga has changed the face of music today, not just with her crazy outfits and unique performance art take on modern pop music, but with the way she consistenly weaves sly product placement throughout her videos. One brand in particular sticks out - 'Beats by Dr. Dre'. But more on that later.

Her new one 'Bad Romance' is no different, managing to weave no less than 7 (yes, SEVEN) product placements throughout the video. And that's only what we've spotted.

These include:
iPod (black, to the left of Gaga)
Parrot by Starck (wireless speakers)
Nemiroff Vodka
(0:16, 02:28)
Heartbeats by Lady Gaga (via the Beats by Dr. Dre brand - headphones)
(0:24, 0:30, 0:34, 1:12, various times in video)
Carerra 'Safari' Sunglasses
Nintendo Wii console
HP Envy 'Beats Limited Edition' by Monster (laptop)

Lady Gaga Music Video Product Placement

But wait, there's more! This is not the first time Lady Gaga has used her videos to drum up some extra cash for the Haus of Gaga kitty purse.

When we noticed the 'Bad Romance' video, two other examples of her product placement popped to mind. Once we started investigating it was like opening a can of worms (brought to you by

PHOTO GALLERY: Take a closer look at Lady Gaga's history of product placement!

Turns out there are product placements in EVERY SINGLE VIDEO SHE'S EVER DONE, albeit not quite as blatantly as the orgy that is 'Bad Romance'.

The First one we noticed was Poker Face. In it Gaga (somewhat appropriately we must admit) promoted a gambling website called as well as the Beats by Dr. Dre headphones.

Lady Gaga Music Video Product Placement

Then we remembered the Love Game video had a plug for Campari, and as it turns out, some other stuff.

These include:
Beats by Dr. Dre (headphones) AGAIN
(00:12 and through-out)
Campari (alcohol)
(0:22 and through-out)
Baby G watches (they still make them?!?)

Lady Gaga Music Video Product Placement

Paparazzi includes a promotion for a sports drink company called 'Neuro' (6 minutes in), Dior (at 2:37) and Dolce and Gabbana, although these last two could just be put down to "fashion".

Lady Gaga Music Video Product Placement

In her Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) video Gaga appears to be promoting the Beats by Dr. Dre (headphones) yet again, just 13 seconds into the video. There's also a blatant shot of the 'Vespa' brand on her scooter, but this could simply be due to the Italian theme of the video and once again, Baby G watches (2:27).

Lady Gaga Music Video Product Placement

Which brings us to Gaga's Just Dance video clip. Naively, we assumed that seeing as she was pretty new to the pop world at the time and not yet famous there probably wouldn't be any ads in this one.

So just as we thought we'd gotten to the end of the video, there it is again: those goddam Beats by Dr. Dre headphones again!! There's also a camera, phone and DJ decks in the clip too, but as far as we could tell there are no discernible brand names on them.

Lady Gaga Music Video Product Placement

It seems like the Beats deal has gone well for Gaga. In the most recent video she plugs her own line of headphones for the brand.

Lady Gaga isn't the first to harness the power of product placement, and she won't be the last. Fergie was criticized for product placements in her 'Clumsy' video, which featured Mac, among other brands, and Mandy Moore did it back 1999, promoting the VW Beetle and the Sony Walkman in her 'Candy' video.

Discussion on this new trend aside, does anyone else not see a problem with advertising alcohol and gambling through music videos readily watched by teens and children? How is Lady Gaga allowed to get away with this?

WATCH Lady Gaga Music Videos:
Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)
Just Dance
Love Game
Poker Face



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