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Jessica Mauboy Tells Ruby Rose About Meeting Her Idol: "Oh My God, it's Beyonce!"

5 years ago

Jessica Mauboy was picked to support Beyonce on her recent Australian tour, and as found out, the opportunity for Jess to meet her idol had her in a complete state!

In The Hot Hits' Sydney studios for 'The Hot Hits'® & Carefree® Slims™ UP CLOSE & Personal Jess told host Ruby Rose about the Beyonce tour.

"She was incredible. I got to see everything behind the scenes and everything that went on. To be able to watch backstage and see how everything was run was like, wow," Jess explained to Ruby and the intimate audience of competition winners.


"I'm a big fan! I was secretly going 'oh my god - Beyonce...'

So where was she when she found out about the tour?

"I was in with my Dad... we had a call from Beyonce's Dad. I didn't know what to say, I was like speechless."

Even though you'd think it was a given since they were touring together, Jess still freaked out when she was given the opportunity to meet Beyonce in the flesh.

"It was the second show and I was all hot and sweaty. I'd just finished doing an hour set on-stage ran off and a guy was like 'excuse me Miss Mauboy, can you please come with me?' We got to this door and I saw this head peer out the window...and I was like 'uhhhhhh - oh my god, its beyonce!'"

"I was seriously sweating and I was like 'I'm stinky!'. I went into the room and she shook my hand and she was like 'I'm Beyonce' and I was like 'I know who you are!'"

"She was like 'where are you from, what's your background?' She was asking all the questions. I was just like 'are you real?!'"

As far as more meetings with Beyonce in the future, Jessica says she's made sure she's got some lasting connections!

"I've got contacts with her dancers and her band-members. They were like 'ring us up', I was like 'ok - I'll ring you!'"

Click here to check out the full interview at the for 'The Hot Hits'® & Carefree® Slims™ UP CLOSE & Personal

To watch the full production featuring Ruby Rose's interview Jessica Mauboy plus live acoustic performances, tune into MTV at 5pm on the 11th of November.



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