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The Top 15 Most Naughty Beauty Queens Of All Time!

6 years ago

Miss California sure has gotten into a lot of trouble lately thanks to her beliefs on gay marriage, the breast implant scandal and now topless photos, but as far as beauty queens go, that ain't the half of it!

Nude photos, kidnapping, drug abuse, robbery, torture, porn, blasphemy - compared to many beauty queens in the past, Miss California is practically a saint!

NEWS: Miss California's Nude Photo Scandal!

It's with that in mind that we now count down...

The Top 15 Naughtiest Beauty Queens Ever!

15. Elyse Umemoto (Miss Washington 2007)
This Miss USA runner-up (pictured right, with friend) was photographed flipping the bird, making oral sex signs, and dancing around in her underwear, in some photos even whilst wearing her crown. She later claimed they were from before she won the title. WHILE she had the crown on? Errrr, does anyone see a discrepancy here??

Miss France 2007 Valerie Begue crucifixion

14. Valerie Begue (Miss France 2007)
The French, being such a liberated country, didn't really give a toss when suggestive photos showing Valerie Begue posing on a crucifix, and eating yogurt, were released. While the president of Miss France campaigned for her to step down, in the end she was allowed to keep her title after the French public leapt to her defence.

Miss World 1980 Gabriella Brum posed for Playboy

13. Gabriella Brum (Miss World 1980)
This German beauty queen won the 1980 Miss World beauty pageant but resigned the next day, giving her the shortest ever reign in Miss World history! She said it was due to to pressure from a disapproving boyfriend but it turns out she had posed nude in a magazine!!

Miss World 1973 Marjorie Wallace dated Tom Jones

12. Marjorie Wallace (Miss World 1973)
Marjorie was the first American to win the Miss World pageant in 1973, but had the title taken away from her after she "failed to fulfill the basic requirements of the job." Rumour has it it had more to do with her string of romances with high profile men such as Tom Jones. Oh and this quote: "As Miss World I can get laid with any man I pick."

Miss Universe WA Carly Hanson nude Ralph photos

11. Carly Hanson (Miss Universe Western Australia 2007)
Carly was the hot favourite from Perth up until photos from a Ralph magazine emerged. After all the drama with Erin McNaught the year before, the pageant did NOT want her in the competition. In Ralph they stated that she "likes bikinis that show off her breasts, kissing girls, men who can kiss well and sunbathing topless." Hmmm, not the image Miss Australia is going for?!?

Miss USA 1957 Mary Leona Gage - married with 2 kids

10. Mary Leona Gage (Miss USA 1957)
Mary was stripped of her title just ONE DAY after being crowned. It was revealed that she was a married mother of two AND that she was actually 18 and not 21 years old, as she had originally stated. She revealed later on the Ed Sullivan show that she had been married before, at 14 years old, but it had been annulled one week later. WTF?!?! She is the only Miss USA in history to be dethroned (although Tara Conner came close).

Miss Teen USA Katie Blair - underage drinking and lesbian kissing scandal!

9. Katie Blair (Miss Teen USA 2006)
Got in lots of trouble for the situation involving Tara Conner (see below), who she lived with at Trump Place, along with Miss Universe 2006 Zuleyka Rivera. It is said that the girls did indeed go a little "wild" on their girl Z's birthday, participating in underage drinking, making out with each other, dancing on a table in a "sexual manner" and snorting cocaine. All this and she was only 19! She was forced to enter rehab and removed from her role as a spokesperson for underage drinking (for obvious reasons!).

Miss Australia 2006 Erin McNaught nude photos

8. Erin McNaught, aka "McNaughty" (Miss Australia 2006)
Erin McNaught earnt her nickname following a nude photo scandal that erupted while she was running for Miss Universe. She later got into even more trouble for boyfriend stealing and numerous love triangles involving pro-surfer Kelly Slater and Roosters player Braith Anasta! While she posed a lot more later in mags like Zoo and Ralph, McNaughty was quite upset after the wine brand Cockatoo Ridge printed her photo (which she agreed to) and the slogan "She likes a cockatoo"... A bit suggestive! These day she's part of the Neighbours cast.

Miss USA 2006 Tara Conner - drugs, underage drinking and lesbian kissing!

7. Tara Conner (Miss USA 2006)
During her year as reigning Miss USA, Tara was busted drinking underage drinking (she was 20 and the legal age is 21 in the US), taking cocaine and contributing to the corruption of a minor - her housemate and Miss Teen USA 2006 Katie Blair - who she was spotted drinking and making out with and sneaking men into their Trump Place apartment. She almost lost her crown but The Donald gave her a second chance, saying she was a victim of "country girl meets New York" syndrome.

Miss America 1984, nude model, actress and singer Vanessa Williams

6. Vanessa Williams (Miss America 1984)
Ugly Betty star/singer Vanessa Williams was once a beauty queen too! She held the title of Miss America (different to Miss USA - I know, v. confusing) until naked photos of her were published in Penthouse magazine. After pressure from officials, she resigned as Miss America, however she was allowed to keep her crown and the title. The first runner up who took over after she resigned is known as Miss USA 1984 B. Weird!

Miss California 2009 Carrie Prejean - homophobia, breast implants and anti-gray slurs

5. Carrie Prejean (Miss California 2009)
The most recently scandalous beauty queen rubbed Perez Hilton up the wrong way when he asked her about her thoughts on same sex marriage during the Miss USA pageant. She replied by stating her belief that same sex marriage was wrong. Despite offending the gay community in a huge way she was first-runner up in the pageant. She caused more controversy after it was revealed the Miss California pageant had paid for her to have breast implants and that there were topless photos of her!

Miss Nevada 2007 Katie Rees loves nude photos

4. Katie Rees (Miss Nevada 2007)
Googling "Katie Rees" and/or "Miss Nevada"? NSFW!!!! You pretty much can't get any more scandalous than Miss Nevada's Katie Rees! Katie was stripped of her crown in December 2006 after photos were leaked to the media showing Katie semi-naked, making out with and sucking the errr nipples of other women, and simulating other sex acts. NOT very dignified behaviour. Since then Katie has appeared on an episode of Dr Phil and veeb arrested fir assaulting a police officer in Las Vegas. She's had offers fom Girls Gone Wild and Playboy, but turned them down to "focus on her career". Good luck!

Miss Universe 1996 and playboy model Alicia Machado

3. Alicia Machado (Miss Universe 1996)
Venezuelan Alicia pissed off Miss Universe owner Donald Trump aka "The Donald" by not following a diet after she won. He threatened to dethrone her after she put on 18 kilos!! She was also filmed having sex with a fellow housemate on a Spanish reality show while engaged to a famous Venezuelan baseball player (who consequently broke up with her), then posed nude for Playboy. Nice one Alicia!

Miss Arizona 2005 Kumari Fulbright - kidnapper

2. Kumari Fulbright (Miss Arizona 2005)
Kumari competed for the Miss Arizona title in 2005 and 2006, but was disgraced after holding her ex-boyfriend captive for 10 hours while robbing and torturing him in December 2007. Hooooly moly! Such a shame for such a smart cookie: she was a member of the editorial board for a University of Arizona law school publication.

Miss USA 1991 Kelli McCarty porn star

1. Kelli McCarty (Miss USA 1991)
This Kansas native moved on from her beauty pageant days to an acting career, playing Beth Wallace on the TV show 'Passions' for 7 years. She then took up a career in the, errr "adult entertainment business" (aka she is now a porn star) because, as she says "I enjoy acting, and I really like sex." Fair enough.

Wow, what has happened to the world today??!!

Do you think beauty pageants are outdated? Why do you think these girls act like this?

By Gossip Bitch



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