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2009 Logie Awards Red Carpet: Top 11 Worst Dressed!

6 years ago

The Logies, supposedly Australia's night of nights for TV, where our most acclaimed actors (or Lisa McCune or Rove McManus) are recognized by all Australians (that read TV week) for their exceptional achievements in TV over the past year.

It's also an excuse to pay random celebrities piles of cash to attend an event they have never heard of, and for Australia's "A list" *cough* to wear hideous outfits in attempt to get their 2 minutes of fame on the red carpet and perhaps become more than just "whatserface's girlfriend off neighbours"...

With that in mind, here presents to you...

The Top 11 Worst Dressed, 2009 Logies Awards
(I didn't bother with a 'best dressed' list, for obvious reasons - eg. they're not nearly as fun...)

Jessica Mauboy performs at the 2009 Logies

11. Jessica Mauboy: Her stylist should be shot for both her red carpet outfit (see below comment applying to Ricki-Lee) and that pot-bellied creation she wore during her performance. So should the person whose idea it was to leave poor Jess stranded on the roof of Crown Towers, all alone singing her little heart out in the freezing cold! Tsk tsk.

Sonia Kruger, host of '10 years Younger in 10 Days' at the 2009 Logie awards in Melbourne

10. Sonia Kruger: She looks like one of those toilet roll doll things that your nanna has. And clearly she's been taking her hosting duties on image transformation/plastic surgery overhaul show '10 Years Younger in '10 Days' a little too seriously - hello Mr Botox.

Margot Robbie and Dean Geyer of 'Neighbours' at the 2009 Logie Awards

9. Margot Robbie: As the ZZ Top song goes, "She got leggggsssss, she knows how to use them" but it's all bit too Vegas showgirl/magician's assistant for the oh-so-glamorous Logies red carpet. Short can be good if done correctly, but the overall look for this Neighbours starlet was generally skankalicious. No complaints about the handbag though!

PHOTO GALLERY: The 2009 Logie Awards Red Carpet!

Rove McManus and Tasma Walton at the 2009 Logie Awards

8. Tasma Walton: "Oi Tasma, you forgot the bottom of yer dress!"

MTV host Ruby Rose at the 2009 Logie Awards

7. Ruby Rose: Kerri Anne's pre-loved Logies outfits cupboard is not where this Aussie it-girl should be sourcing her looks from. The hair is hottt and the dress would suit someone else, but the overall result is TOTES NOT HOT.

Susie Elelman at the 2009 Logie Awards in Melbourne

6. Susie Elelman: Ew, is she wearing a bra? Are we game to look closely enough?!? GROSSSSS!! My eyesssssss!!!

Myf Warhurst at the 2009 Logie Awards

5. Myf Warhurst. Arrghhhhh, where do we start? The woman who was once the pin up girl for rock boys all over Australia has turned into this frumpy ill-fitted DISASTER. Me thinks the Triple M canteen should rethink their "meat pies only" policy.

Gretel Killen hosting the 2009 Logie Awards in Melbourne

4. Gretel Killeen: Gretzky aka Goblin Queen was rocking the "I'm-a-woman-who-just-turned-50-therefore-I-must-get-a-short-middle-aged-woman-'do" haircut. Her "radical new look" was not quite as tragic as her job hosting though, LOLZ.

Kerri Anne Kennerly at the 2009 Logie Awards in Melbourne

3. Kerri Anne Kennerly: the phrase "mutton dressed as lamb" springs to mind. Oooh and that whole thing she was going on about with Carson in the ladies toilets about how it sucks she doesn't get sexually harassed any more? We don't wanna know Kezza.

Australian Idol host Ricki-Lee Coulter at the 2009 Logie Awards

2. Rikki Lee Coulter: Let's hope Kyle wasn't around to deliver one of his infamous "tuck shop arms" disses. Oh I totally went there.

Rebecca Gibney back fat - 2009 Logie Awards red carpet

1. Rebecca Gibney: I know you are supposedly an Australian screen legend (according to the highly respected broadcasting publication TV week anyway...) but back fat?? Eeeewww noooooooo!!!!

And there you have it!! Thankyou, thankyou very much...

Note: Unfortunately Gossip Bitch was unable to attend the Logies this she was unfortunately not invited. Logies officials are encouraged to correct this horrendous oversight at next year's event.

Who do YOU think was best/worst dressed?

By Gossip Bitch



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