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The Top 8 Celebrity Hairy Armpit Shots Of All Time!

6 years ago

There is nothing more embarrassing for a woman than to get busted with hairy armpits, and when celebs are getting snapped 24 hours a day, there is no excuse for them to forget to shave... Over time, however, some stars have forgotten, and is here to count down the Top 8 hairy armpit shots of all time!

Number 8 - Lily Allen

Lily Allen's Hairy Armpits

This darling of the British alt-pop scene was caught putting on a jumper to cover a hairy armpit, but not before cameras snapped this embarrassing slip up!

Number 7 - Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks' Hairy Armpits

Tyra the supermodel, Tyra the TV star, Tyra the businesswoman... is there nothing she can't do? Shaving perhaps?

Number 6 -- Fergie

Fergie's Hairy Armpits

Let's hope Fergie made more an effort with the razor for her wedding than she did on this embarrassing occasion.

Number 5 - Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton's Hairy Armpits

It's very rare to catch Paris looking anything else but her best, but this shows she's human just like the rest of us...

Number 4 - Britney Spears

Britney Spears' Hairy Armpits

Imagine a celeb list that Britney doesn't appear in? Not sure what she's carrying here, but she certainly dropped her pride on the way...

Number 3 - Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore's Hairy Armpits

Having a night out on the town clearly wasn't reason enough for this Charlie's Angel to groom herself...

Number 2 -- Beyonce

Beyonce's Hairy Armpits

Not looking so Bootylicious here are we Beyonce?

Number 1 - Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts' Hairy Armpits

Possibly the most famous hairy armpit moment of all time, Julia Roberts was clearly saving up hair for a loooong time for this film premiere!

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